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2024-03-11 : Invincible Shield - Judas Priest 8 / 10
  Invincible Shield To last ten years in the music business is an incredible achievement and so for Judas Priest to have reached five decades is quite some feat(...). The term “legends” is handed out all too easily nowadays but with their 19th (...) studio album Priest are exactly that, a legendary band (...) And so with Invincible Shield we get treated to 11 fantastic tracks (...) you get struck by several riff building exercises, pummelling drums and bass and Rob’s ageless wails and screams. (...)  
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2024-03-07 : Powerlords - Elettra Storm 7 / 10
  Powerlords On the February 19th, italian band Elettra Storm's debut album was released. The band was formed in 2023 and its current members are Crystal Emiliani - vocal, Davide Sportiello - bass, Matteo Norbedo - drums, Matteo Antoni - guitar and Francis D. Mary - guitar. Despite short period of playing together, the recorded album brings music full of rushing tempos and interesting melodies and guitar solos. Power metal has now new band and it isn't just as any when judged by first album.(...)  
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2024-01-25 : Wheel Of Time - Savage Blood 7 / 10
  Wheel Of Time Savage Blood is the german heavy/power metal band that was formed only 7 years ago in Lower Saxony but already they released EP and one full studio album. After three years since their debut album "Downfall" they released their second LP on November 16th 2023. It is titled "Wheel Of Time"(...)  
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2024-01-16 : Expedition One - Metalite 7 / 10
  Expedition One Formed just over a decade ago in Stockholm, Sweden, METALITE have crammed a lot into their story so far. A modernizing force in power and symphonic metal, they have released three studio albums that have all helped to firmly established them as a potent proposition, and one with a potentially glittering future.(...)  
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2023-12-11 : Imposter Syndrome - Sophie Lloyd 7 / 10
  Imposter Syndrome In July, we published review of (..) Nita Strauss's solo album, and a few month later we receive another release like this. This time the author is Sophie Lloyd, British female guitarist who started her career from publishing shred covers and own materials in YouTube service. She became famous, having now more then million subscribers, (...). And the final act is artist's solo album released on 9th November 2023 titled "Imposter Syndrome".(...)  
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2023-11-10 : Conqueress - Forever Strong and Proud - Doro 7 / 10
  Conqueress - Forever Strong and Proud (...)On October 27th, 2023 German vocalist Doro's new album was released. The Album titled "Conqueress: Forever Strong and Proud" is artists 14th studio solo album and brings the music that shows that Doro still likes what she does and does what she likes. (...) it was worth waiting to see that she really deserved a place in the pantheon of heavy metal stars.(...)  
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2023-11-03 : Can't Find The Brakes - Dirty Honey 7 / 10
  Can't Find The Brakes Dirty Honey sound like mid-70s Aerosmith, with a dash of Led Zeppelin due to Marc LaBelle’s vocals. Better still, nothing sounds forced. The only thing mannered is their wardrobe. While no track on new album "Can’t Find The Brakes" is radically original, there’s still plenty to enjoy, not least opener "Don’t Put Out The Fire", a slow-burner with shades of AC/DC. "Won’t Take Me Alive" is pure vintage Aerosmith (not as sharp lyrically, but nice and ratty nonetheless),(...)  
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2023-10-22 : Dark Parade - Cirith Ungol 7 / 10
  Dark Parade Early doom and power metal based off The Lord of the Rings, Cirith Ungol have made their grand return with their 6th studio record Dark Parade. The band are named after the mountain pass Cirith Ungol in J. R. R. Tolkien's epic fantasy novel, 'The Lord of the Rings' and their lyrics are normally based on fantasy elements; particularly 'sword and sorcery.'(...) Deviating away from the 'sword and sorcery' elements (...), Cirith Ungol have instead focused on something of a Lovecraftian affair (...)  
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2023-10-05 : Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters - Ronnie Romero 7 / 10
  Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters September 15, 2023 was the date when Ronnie Romero released his real first solo album. Artist known better for his cooparation with bands like Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Vandenberg, or Michael Schenker Group, (...). Now he gives us completely solo material and must be said that this is a piece of good music. (...) That what his new album is - interesting vocal, interesting music, interesting guitar solos - everything what's important in hard rock and heavy metal  
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2023-10-04 : The Sinner Rides Again - KK's Priest 7 / 10
  The Sinner Rides Again (...)KK's Priest's first sermon may not have been a fiery exhortation to a congregation curious as to what the ex-Judas Priest string slinger, KK Downing, could produce after years away from the band that made his name; however, it was good enough to keep your interest as to what the band could produce in the wake of their first foray into the studio. The Sinner Rides Again answers this question with a defiant... meh: an album that is serviceable, but leaves you asking "is that it?"(...)  
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2023-09-10 : Code Red - Primal Fear 8 / 10
  Code Red Few days ago, on September 1st, 2023, German power-metal band Primal Fear released their 14th studio album - "Code Red". The band, formed in 1997 by ex-Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers and bassist Mat Sinner, made fans wait for a new material three years after releasing their previous studio album "Metal Commando".For every fan it was definitely the period worth of waiting, especially that new record is pretty good.Maybe it isn't the masterpiece but certainly it won't dissapear in the mist(...)  
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2023-09-01 : Memorial - Soen 8 / 10
  Memorial Swedish prog metal band "Soen" has been extremely busy in the last years, creating diverse and fantastic sonic experiences that have taken the band to tour (...) across the world, as well as presenting (...) a re-imagination of some of their pieces in a semi-acoustic format that can be appreciated by everyone in their album "Atlantis”. Plunged into this brilliant and prolific streak, Soen is back once again to bring us “Memorial”, their 6th studio album—and 4th release in just over 4 years(...)  
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2023-07-31 : The Call Of The Void - Nita Strauss 8 / 10
  The Call Of The Void On July 7, former Alice Cooper's guitarist Nita Strauss released her solo album - "The Call Of The Void". There are some instrumental compositions, next to witch there are recorded also some songs with different vocalists(...) The whole thing is significant position at music market(...)  
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2023-07-06 : Six - Extreme 8 / 10
  As we announced earlier month ago was released Extreme's sixth studio album. The Album is titeled just "Six" and contains 12 very good Extreme styled songs.  
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2023-06-29 : All Hell's Breaking Loose - Raven 6 / 10
  All Hell's Breaking Loose Raven, like Saxon, Satan, and Iron Maiden, were part of the NWoBHM that conquered the world in the early 80s.(...) Some 42 years on and they’re still functioning and releasing new albums on a regular basis, making them part of an increasingly exclusive NWoBHM Survivor Series.(...) Now the angry birds are back with their 15th album, All Hell’s Breaking Loose and it’s Yours Steely tasked with analyzing their latest migration patterns.(...)  
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2023-06-02 : But Here We Are - Foo Fighters 6 / 10
  There’s something fascinating about Foo Fighters’ place in the musical zeitgeist. After all, this is a band reliably churning out unremarkable (if decent) radio rock, with their best work almost exclusively decades in the past, that still manages to attract a substantial friendly audience (...). Still, though, it’s kinda weird - after all those years, and all those middling records (...), there’s still a crowd willing to jam Foo Fighters’ latest effort(...) The album title is notably ambiguous.(  
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2023-05-30 : The Dark Tower - Burning Witches 7 / 10
  New Album of Burning Witches was released in early May. This is group's fifth studio record and is called "The Dark Tower". If you ask what it brings then I say - good heavy/power metal.  
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2023-04-23 : 72 Seasons - Metallica 6 / 10
  Having spent two decades making progressively worse albums, Metallica finally came good again with 2008’s Death Magnetic and 2016’s Hardwired... to Self-Destruct, both of which harked back to the inventiveness and sheer energy of their 1980s material.(...) 72 Seasons,(...) feels like a step backwards. While the 12 songs here are indisputably as heavy as anything they’ve ever recorded, across 77 long minutes the tempo is far too often set to “chugging”, except on a couple of(...)thrashier numbers  
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2023-04-12 : The Awakening - Kamelot 7 / 10
  In March another Kamelot's studio album - "The Awakening" was released. Music of the band is labeled differently - symphonic metal or progressive power metal, depending on where you look for the information. Anyway, on the Album you can find both styles, because the record is very varied but also tracks are of equal quality.  
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2023-03-27 : Dark Waters - Delain 7 / 10
  The future of the veteran Dutch symphonic metal band Delain was unclear after the lineup disbanded in early 2021, leaving only keyboardist Martijn Westerholt. After initially considering making it a project with rotating members, he decided to rebuild the lineup. He brought back drummer Sander Zoer, who had been in the band from 2006 to 2014, along with former guitarist Ronald Landa, who was previously a member from 2006 to 2009.  
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